New Horizons

$450M in grants to nearly 270 community colleges partnering with more than 400 employers nationally - The New Horizons initiative presents an opportunity to develop new and highly-applicable skills for the 21st century. UMET's Puerto Rico photonics_updated Institute offers education and training in Lasers, Optics and photonics_updated not available anywhere else in Puerto Rico, yet it is applicable to a wide variety of careers. The curriculum for this program will be adapted from the highly-successful NSF-ATE-supported National Center for photonics_updated Education (OP-TEC). Course and laboratory components will also be built on online interactive notebooks being developed in collaboration with the University of Arizona. The proposed project impacts workers displaced by trade-agreement related closures and other job losses in PR, and it is open to any qualified applicant. The offerings respond to requirements in manufacturing and R&D in three growing industries: Aerospace, Medical Devices, and Communications. For more information Click Here

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